In addition to the websites we've designed, here are a few of our other clients and some brief info about our work for them.
Work for ResMed has involved many facets of an enterprise level project with an international focus. We've utilized many technology solutions on this project, including Java, Perl, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Windows NT, Databases, Web Servers and more. We've currently completed well over 3,000 hours of work for ResMed.
Corning Incorporated
Projects for Corning included designing, redesigning, and and rewriting CGI programs that served as database to web interfaces. They were used to display data and to collect information from, or customize data retrieval for, internal customers. Other programs processed bulk data sets such as tape dumps and thesauruses, as well as transporting data sets to and from databases. We redesigned parts of the TIC website and developed a fully interactive Flash tutorial.
Lightlink is an Internet Service Provider located in Ithaca New York. Our project for Lightlink was primarily research based. We reviewed a number of large web hosting companies so as to provide models for Lightlink to enhance its own web hosting services.
Rochester City School District
Working for City School #46 on a strictly Volunteer basis, we assisted in the re-formatting and setup and ongoing maintenance of a small cluster of computers for their Special Education classrooms. We also helped the school write and submit its 2003 Beaumont Foundation grant application which sought funds to purchase additional computer equipment for the school.
Log In Enterprises
We've worked with Log In Enterprises for almost ten years. If you look at our list of services it's hard to name one which we haven't done for them.
xDefenders Inc.
Our work for xDefenders focused primarily on the programming and design of Graphical User Interfaces (PHP) for their suite of security applications. This included facets such as navigation, authentication, and segregation of sub programs based on subscription levels.
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