An in house or co-located server could save your company a lot of money in monthly hosting payments. Maybe you've outgrown your current solution or are looking for a more robust development area, DBG Consulting has over eight years of server design experience.
We're Red Hat Certified, so you know you'll be getting a solid and secure server!
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Web Servers
  Hosting your own website can provide you with many new opportunities for expansion. We currently offer web server design, installation, and maintenance for three major web servers. Each server is industry tested and proven.
  • Apache - Unix & Linux
  • Internet Information Server - Microsoft Windows
  • WebStar - Macintosh
  • Secure Server
  • Web Server Access Logs (Hit Counts)
  • Multiple Domain Names
  • CGI, PHP & Perl Access
  • Password Protection
  • FTP & More
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
    E-Mail Servers
      Most Internet Service Providers charge quite a lot of money for each separate e-mail address. Imagine being able to manage all of your company's e-mail, have unlimited e-mail addresses, and not be limited by mailbox or attachment size!
    We offer two solutions:
  • Qpopper & Sendmail or Exim - Unix & Linux
  • Eudora Internet Mail Server - Macintosh
  • Database Servers
      Please see the Databases section of our website.
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